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Prof. dr. Gert-Jan Burgers

Prof. dr. Gert-Jan Burgers
Prof. dr.
Via Omero 10/12, 00197, Roma
Director of Studies in Archeology (KNIR), Assistant Professor (VU)
Publications: Regional Pathways to Complexity
The greater part of my academic career to date has been concerned with Mediterranean landscape archaeology, and in particular that of (southern) Italy, from the time of Greek colonization to Romanization. Over the last twenty years I have developed and directed a series of archaeological fieldwork projects which combined large-scale excavations with systematic field surveys and both geo- and bio-archaeological fieldwork. Starting in 1991 with the ‘Salento Isthmus Project’, from 1997-2003 I have co-directed (together with Prof. Peter Attema) a project funded by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). It examined the ancient landscape history of Italy from a comparative, regional perspective. The project developed several new field survey techniques and contributed much to a more uniform approach within Mediterranean landscape archaeology. The resulting macro-regional perspective has since provided a useful framework for a series of new projects I have initiated in various parts of Italy. Since 2004 I have also focused on the development and implementation of cultural heritage research, again largely form a landscape perspective.

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Topics: Methodology of survey archaeology, Theory of landscape archaeology
Regions: Central Italy, Southern Italy
Periods: Archaic, Bronze Age, Classical, Hellenistic, Iron Age, Late Roman, Medieval, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Palaeolithic, Post-Medieval, Roman
Institutes: The Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome, VU University Amsterdam