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Drs. Jitte Waagen

Drs. Jitte Waagen
Turfdraagsterpad 9
Computational Archaeology Specialist, PhD
Projects: Landscapes of Early Roman Colonisation, Sacred Landscape Project, Zakynthos Archaeology Project
Digital Archaeologist

As a digital archaeologist at the University of Amsterdam I support fieldwork and research with my expertise in Geo-ICT, quantitative modelling and image based modelling, as well as the operation of drones.

Coordinator 4D Research Lab

The 4D Research Lab (4DRL) serves scholars who conduct research into the material past in the faculty of Humanities at the University of Amsterdam. It provides a wide range of computing facilities, 3D scanners, and 3D modeling programmes, as well as technical expertise to assist researchers.

PhD research

As a researcher (PhD candidate) I focus on the analysis of archaeological methodology, in particular for archaeological field survey, applying new technology and quantitative techniques to get a better grip on complex archaeological features and finds.


As a teacher I develope classes for ICT-related applications, such as GIS, statistics, 3D modeling and drone operations, and I am involved with various Blended Learning programmes applying AR and VR technology to innovate teaching.


Secretary at Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology

Project manager at Fasti Online - Survey, online Open Access database for Archaeological Field Survey

Fields of interest

Archaeological Survey, Landscape Archaeology, Mediterranean Prehistory, Social Archaeology, Computational Archaeology, Digital Archaeology, Geoarchaeology, Databases, Geographic Information Systems, Spatial Analyses, Statistics, Mobile Learning, Open Source Software, Web Applications, 3D, drones, Image Based Modeling, Photogrammetry

Topics: Applications of GIS in Archaeology, Field-walking Strategies, Methodology of survey archaeology, Processing Survey Data, Site - Off-site Archaeology, Theory of landscape archaeology
Regions: Central Italy, Cycladic Island, Greek Mainland, Iberia, Ionic Islands, Northern Italy, Southern Italy
Periods: Bronze Age, Classical, Hellenistic, Iron Age, Late Roman, Medieval, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Palaeolithic, Post-Medieval, Roman
Institutes: University of Amsterdam