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Scatter plots

Scatter plots


A scatter plot is used for displaying and examining a relationship between two variables, on ordinal, interval or ratio scale, of the same item. Two axes of a diagram represent the values in a sequence and items are plotted as dots.

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An often used style of graph to display variables is a scatter plot, that is highly useful for displaying more than one variable on a ordinal, interval or ratio scale. A scatter plot is used for displaying two variables of the same item of which you suspect a relationship; think of the length and width of a grave. You set up the axes of a diagram to represent the values in a sequence and plot the items as dots. If there is a correlation (association) between the variables, you’ll see that the dots indicate that the higher the values on one axis are, the higher are the values on the other. The cloud of dots will then typically be positioned roughly diagonally, starting from the lowest ends of the scales and finishing at the higher ends of the scale. You can also add a third variable to the plot. This must be categorical and can be represented by using dots with different symbols, in this way further examining the possible correlations.

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