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Zakynthos Archaeology Project

Zakynthos Archaeology Project
Researchers: Dr. Gert-Jan van Wijngaarden, Prof. dr. Vladimir Stissi
Topics: Geomorphology, Methodology of survey archaeology, Theory of landscape archaeology
Zakynthos is situated off the western coast of Greece in the Ionian Gulf. Due to its location next to a major tectonic fault line, the island has been subject to frequent earthquakes. The archaeological record on the island is very much destroyed and the pottery of Zakynthos is characterized by a very high degree of fragmentation. Since 2005, the Netherlands Institute in Athens, in cooperation with the regional Greek archaeological service, has been conducting an archaeological survey on the island. The aim of the project is to relate the material remains on the island to the dynamic landscape. Within the project different researches are integrated, such as intensive archaeological survey, geological research, analysis of aerial photographs and limited excavation. Already it has become clear that Zakynthos had a rich material culture in various periods, which is now dispersed in fragments in the landscape. The high degree of weathering and fragmentation of the pottery of Zakynthos and the lack of stratigraphic excavations nearby, present us with great difficulties while interpretating the survey results. The integrated approach to pottery studies adopted by the New Perspectives on Ancient Pottery project will greatly help us to understand the archaeology on Zakynthos.


The Zakynthos Archaeology Project would not be possible without the support and help of the following institutions:

• The Hellenic Ministry of Culture

• The 35th Ephorate for Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities

• The 20th Ephorate for Byzantine Antiquities

• The Institute for Geological and Mineralogical Exploration (IGME)

• The University of Amsterdam

• The Netherlands Institute for Scientific Research (NWO)

• UTOPA Foundation

• The Institute for Aegean Prehistory

• The Netherlands Institute in Athens

http://www.uva.nl/over-de-uva/organisatie/medewerkers/content/w/i/g.j.m.vanwijngaarden/g.j.m.van-wijngaarden.html(external link)
Regions: Ionic Islands
Periods: Archaic, Bronze Age, Classical, Hellenistic, Iron Age, Late Roman, Medieval, Mesolithic, Neolithic, Palaeolithic, Post-Medieval, Roman
Institutes: University of Amsterdam